Escort Karina

Escort Karina

Karina is very small and sweet escort girl who is always with big smile in the face because she enjoy the life every moment and love to give this mood to her clients, because everyone loves the funny people who does enjoy the life all the time and trying to make the same for the people around them. We can guarantee that you are going to have a

Name Karina
Age 20
Nationality European
Current city Amsterdam
Sexual flavorHeterosexual
Length 167 Cm
Breast size B Cup
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlonde
Size Slank
Oral services Yes
Erotic massageYes
Threesome with couple?
Threesome with 2 males?
French Yes
Alcoholic drink(s)?
Golden showerYes
Tattoo's ?
SM Dominant?
Overnight bookingYes
Anal sex ?

Personal Info Karina

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Escort KarinaEscort KarinaEscort KarinaEscort Karina